‘Gay Prison’ is a gay short film exploring sexuality.
This is a short doc/art film about LGBT communities becoming imprisoned.
There are 79 countries in this world where being gay is illegal, or you’re punished for it in some hideous, barbaric manner. I don’t know about you guys, but I think this situation needs to be exposed again and again – wherever and whenever possible. Most of these draconian countries claim that they don’t agree with our sexualities because of fundamental religious beliefs. I would beg to differ and suggest that it’s because they’re scared of what they don’t know, or what they secretly fantasise about. We should carry on expressing ourselves, politically, sexually, artistically and ignore the detractors — because we are what we are, and although things have gotten better for some of us in 1st world countries, those poor people residing in those 79 other countries, have to endure fear every day of their lives — and they need a voice like ours.
Music by Joseph Roy

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  1. A very powerful statement, well done, stark and in your face, chilling when you think about it, we have made a lot of gains in the last year, but I think we need to keeping pushing, and not get comfortable with the gains that were made, anywho, enough of my soapbox, again Dan you have impressed me, thanks

  2. Well done. We are fortunate to live where we do, how easy it is to be fearful of what you don't know an understand.

  3. Of course, a large number of these countries are considered to be "our (the US's) "allies", particularly the Persian Gulf Arab states. Oxymorons rule the day. It is about them brandishing power and control, and their fear that someone, somewhere is having a better and more enjoyable life than you have and perhaps secretly wanted; ergo, "no freedom for you". Again — these people feel personally threatened by "The Other", even though the "other" merely wishes to be left in peace.

  4. You speak for me Dan, it takes a Lions courage to speak out against all the bigotory in this world. I love and appreciate you lots..Bro JB 😉

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