James Haskell on posing for gay magazines and homosexuality in rugby.
James Haskell is an English rugby union player who currently plays for and captains Wasps in the Aviva Premiership and internationally for England.
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  1. but seriously ppl get offended way to easy today. ffs just shake if off and pfff. And the word gay is used in so many diffrent ways, some in anger some as pure jokes and sometime just in the very wrong way when it makes no sense just because it can make someone laugh. Its like when a friend of mine was going to stay home with his girl instead of going out with the "boys" and someone said well thats gay. everyone laughed even our gay friend because it doesnt mean shit. Ppl just need to get some freakin skin on their nose and just deal. What offends you might not offend someone else so its a subjectiv thing. And you cant live in a world full of diffrent ppl and not be offended by something. Just move on.

  2. I' ve always been baffled by the idea that sexual preferences between CONSENTING ADULTS should affect the goodness or otherwise of a human being. I might even be envious of Bisexuals- it must be great to find 100% instead of a measly 50% of humanity attractive..alas, we regress to less enlightened times, or are we?

  3. Yeah leave your shirt lifting perverted sexual activities in your bedroom . And we don't really care about sportsmen personal views either .totally irrelevant to the sport they play .

  4. There are so many gay people in sport, politics, arts, medicine. Who cares what consenting adults do in private? It's none of my business. Just try to be the best person you can be.

  5. Another question that just came to me today is that you don't need to teach an adolescent male and female what is right and what is wrong when it come to sex. They just do what comes naturally! Now, if homosexuality is good and right, then why the hell they feverishly promoting it as good and right in the corrupt mainstream media, press and modern arts? Satanist Aleister Crowley and the morally bankrupt Richard Dawkins must be delighted with our modern state of affairs! Well Crowley would if he weren't already in hell! Unlike Dawkins, at least he believed in God!

  6. I have been victim of "heterophobia" ( yes, "heterophobia" ) on two occasions if anyone would care to ask me about it! It's not all one-sided! Yet I have learned to take it all in my stride and welcome open, civilised debate rather than running to some authority figure like a child crying, "I'm telling on you!"

  7. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!" Edmund Burke 1729-1797

  8. Palease… any gay rugby players? There's a diff between homosexual and gay. Gay is a lifestyle. Homosexuality is a sexual preference. It's the diff between who you want to marry and spend your life with verses who you like to have sex with. That being said you can't ignore bisexuality as a go between. I've known plenty of BI RUGBY PLAYERS, bi frat guys, bi coppers, and etc… who were married (living a straight lifestyle) but also enjoyed some M4M time. They werent in love with me, nor I them. But we sure had some brilliant experiences. And yes, some of their wives knew this and understood.

  9. James, don't tell me you don't care! I bet you'd feel conscious undressing in front of Nigel Owens or Gareth Thomas knowing that they may not just be viewing you as a fine sportsman! And if homosexuality is normal, as you say, then you'd have no problem if everyone in the world including yourself was homosexual. But what would that spell for humanity eh?

  10. another pervert enabler. homosexuals are psychologically ill persons. gay is bad (unhealthy, spiritually destructive). fuck this pandering clown.

  11. Haskell is full of shit…unable to coherently string a sentence together that is constructive and meaningful. If you listen carefully, not once did he answer a question and was focussed solely on James Haskell. There isn't an original thought or spoken word in any of what he says in this video. This guy should keep his mouth shut and stick to his chosen career of playing Rugby. If ever there was an ego tripper, Haskell is it.

  12. its wankers like Gareth Thomas who married a woman to hide his gay life even used homophobic banter and bullying when out with his thick mates to hide the fact he used his wife was a twat to the gay community then wanted sympathy when he came out !!! a lot of closet bisexual and gay men should never use a woman and kids to hide in narnia

  13. the gay community didn't seem bothered about what other people thought of them appropriating the word gay in the 1950/60's. why should I care now. Leave people alone to use what ever words they want.

  14. In rugby one the most respected referee came out as gay and no one cared because he did his job and did it well.

  15. A year ago, I would have said "he'll say anything to get any publicity". Since seeing more of him, and his videos, then I would say "he'll say anything. but I think it's what he thinks".

  16. Statistically?
    I believe that these gay men who have spent their lives in a gay environment are far,far too convinced of the statistical likelihood that there are many men out there who fancy other men.
    I'm just a normal Joe Blow, nothing special and I can honestly say that there are only two or three gay men I've ever met.
    Really,statistically it remains very weird or strange to be gay.
    Don't get me wrong though,I could not give a shit, like James says, you are what you are but these constant insinuations that ,what is it?
    1 in 4 blokes are gay?………………………..C'mon, I sense wishful thinking on the part of the gay community.

  17. I'm disappointed that the full interview wasn't posted here because I probably won't be able to watch the full intervew on londonrealacademy.

  18. Ohh Por Dios, como lamento no haber Podido Tener nunca los medios Economicos para haber tenido una Buena Educacion por que a mi Personalmente me Gusta mucho Investigar en Las Redes Sociales sobre Personajes de mi Misma Orientacion Sexual, y al Igual que me he Visto Privado de Poder Saber sus testimonios al no estar Subtitulados en Español tambien ya hasta me Quitaron ese Espectacular Video de ese Guapisimo Jugador Gareth Thomas. Ya no les Seguire Insistiendo a You Tube en Hacerlo pues Sigue Ignorando Olimpicamente que como Yo somos Muchos los Adultos Mayores y Homosexuales que Hambrientos y Sedientos de Importantisimos Testimonios y al no Saber otro Idioma Solo nos Tenemos que Conformar con Observar esos Hermosos Rostros como los de Keegan Hirst, Sam Stanley, James Haskell, y del Sr., Thomas.

  19. Saw the pictures he took in the gay mags and they are not even sexual to me. He just looks like a machine. Huge, ripped, coming to fuck your whole team up.

  20. James Haskell talks some real shit! I hate him on principle, (Scottish rugby fan) but as a guy he's great this is the real shit

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