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A gay NJ high school couple’s prom date has gone viral on Twitter, catching the attention of ABC7 New York, who spoke with Theodore Vidal about he and his boyfriend Colin Beyers’ stroll on the Seaside Heights boardwalk lastFriday.

Watch ABC7’s report up top.

Good Morning America producer Michael Del Moro saw the couple walking on the boardwalk after their prom. He also noticed a group of “rowdy bros: at a rooftop bar obnoxiously yelling at various couples to kiss as they strolled by.

Del Moro was concerned about what would happen when the gay couple passed the group, but he, and others who were apparently watching on the boardwalk, were relieved when the group enthusiastically cheered after instructing Vidal and Beyers to kiss one another, rather than taunting them with a gay slur – something Del Moro said was not uncommon in that town.

Vidal told ABC7: “The way it went down was amazing. It was so positive and so reinforcing that I could be myself and not get made fun of and I could be myself with who I love and not get made fun of for that.”

You can reach Del Moro’s full thread in the screen cap below or on Twitter:

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