the whole vid is slowed down otherwise the song wouldn’t be approved by youtube. enjoy
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song: In un’altra vita by ludovico einaudi

0:00 Holding trevor
0:13 The houseboy
0:17 Antarctica
0:40 Lilies
1:02 Presque rien
1:10 Poster boy
1:13 Yossi and jagger
1:23 Donne moi la main
1:36 Lilies
1:51 Love valour compassion
2:00 Cowboy(short)
2:10 Cut sleeve boys
2:29 Shank
2:45 Holding trevor
2:54 Lilies
3:22 Antarctica
3:39 The houseboy
3:47 Cowboys and angels
3:54 Shank
4:18 The trip
4:47 The art of being straight
5:18 Trick
5:37 The trip


  1. That stuff from the trip!

    "This can't happen…yes it can, okay"
    "Fuck off!"
    *storms out*
    *comes back in*


  2. @QAFgurl I always think that I've seen all the movies but I always find some new one to watch. And I've seen a lot:-P

  3. Do you have any kisses or anything from Blind Spot (2001) with J. Franco? 🙂 I can't find it anywhere!

  4. @babybleu21 yes I do. I''m going to try to upload it but I don't know if yt will let me. fingers crossed they let it on.

  5. @jaime13camil I'll see if I can upload poster boy. I've one more movie I'm going to upload before it but after that I'll put it up. I don't think youtube will let me put up antarctica because there are some pretty adult scenes in it;-) x

  6. Thanks… I'm not really a 3 way person so I prefer the 1 on 1 kissing scenes but its all very passionate!

  7. @kahyara its a french movie. the original name is Les feluettes from the year 1996. the movie cut sleeve boys is somewhere on yt. shank and holding trevor are on my second channel sanne181993. I don't know were you can watch the rest but I take requests so if you have a movie that you really want to see than I can upload it on my second channel. x sanne

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