song: downtown-giovanni allevi

0:00 Grande E’cole
0:06 Dreamboy
0:10 Straight jacket
0:25 Eternal summer
0:41 Grande E’cole
1:10 Juste une question d’amour
1:17 Harry and max
1:21 Mulligans
1:41 Grande E’cole
2:10 Alles is liefde
2:14 Like it is
2:31 Shock to the system
2:50 Bangkok love story
3:14 Eternal summer
3:29 Juste une question d’amour
3:37 Straight jacket
3:42 Dreamboy
3:46 Between love and goodbye
3:48 Third man out


  1. I wish there no laws then we can watch any kind of video without fear it just kissing we all do that legal online they dont like us watching them kind of videos too much I c nothing wrong with watching them too much but they do ive done kissing wouldnt otherwise if illegal just my opinion. I bet the actors dont mind us watching more than once if actors say ok to watch more than once by same person then that should be ok. if actors dont like us watching us too much by same person then we should respect there wishes. If actors and real ones dont want It watching should not have them kind of videos online anywhere. I prefer real gays doing that I watch cause Im not in a relationship at presen so I pretend it my relationship coming true in a fantasie way im not a shamed it safe this way no risk of catching health prob. Am searching for a relationship before I die in 42 yeavrs. I watch for good reasons I love it that the main thing. 10 out 10.

  2. @sanne121993 ever heard of Queer as Folk (american version)? has some of the cutest gay kisses i have ever seen 🙂

  3. I was addicted to Eternal Summer. That boy's face at the end of the movie was the perfect mixture of happiness and sadness.

  4. @sanne121993 i'm in the same boat as you two with both lesbian and gay romance movies. as far as lesbian i would recommend fingersmith (awesome book as well) and better than chocolate. and i'll definitely be watching if you make one! i love your videos!

  5. @MaddieCaresxD do you have some movies that you recommend. I was thinking of making a lesbian kissing vid but I haven't really seen much so I don't know which ones are word watching. maybe you can send me a message or something. x

  6. @sanne121993

    You're definitely not weird at all. I've been kind of going on a marathon of gay movies but they're hard to find T_T

  7. @xMikanNamix lol yes I've watched all of them:-P it was sort of an addiction. It is so bad that I can't even find any new movies I haven't seen. I know, I'm kind of weird:-P x

  8. Have you actually watched all of these or just taken the kisses? I've seen a bunch but damn there are so many I haven't watched yet!

  9. They just took down the other channel….
    Can u hv a low key channel like dnt use the actual title eq. Between Love and Goodbye ( my fave) u use BLaG……….

  10. @jaime13camil the first few part of third man out are up. I'll try to upload the rest as soon as possible;-)

  11. @jaime13camil actually there are two movies in this vid. third man out and shock to the system. that are the two I have. I'll see if I can upload those two. x

  12. @LisaN59 yes I have that movie. I'll try to upload it for you but I'm pretty sick right now so I have to see how I feel tomorrow. if I feel ok I'll upload it then. x

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