Straight guys are a big inspiration for making peace with our poops.
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  1. I am 100% gay and I don't give a fuck who hears me take a shit. If I have diarrhea in a public bathroom I just let it rip. Defecation is a natural bodily function, so stop being dumb and just take a shit.

  2. definetly. also decent more self concious girls are more aware fo keeping their bladder empty and staying extra clean after doing so. There were enough slobs for guys to complain that she has to pee after, or some skank did even try. Ironicly its a healthy habbit to go frequently , get that colonic to get rid toxin. Never have enough to hold in. you have a healthy phobia. chose the right thing thing to do about it.

  3. I used to be extremely self conscious.  I think that passes with age and getting more comfortable with my own body and others' bodies.  By the way, why do you assume we lesbians don't have that problem?  (I think lots of people do, regardless, all part of the potty training mysteries of the universe perhaps).

  4. I don't care whose in the bathroom, if I have to shit, I let it out loud and proud, making the bathroom echo with farts and big splashes. If somebody doesn't like it, well, that's tough shit.

  5. I'm still uncomfortable pooping in my bf's house (probably it's because the toilet is right next to his room) but despite feeling not too comfy doing it, it got a lot better over time but i still try to avoid pooping in public as much as i can

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