1. True words spoken there! I know exactly what your talking about & its a very hard thing. I've dated two guy's who are Drowned & Lost & it ended shitty everytime.  Dating & seeing guys that are Out is 10x Better in my opinion 😀

  2. I have watched a few of your videos and for the most part I have appreciated your perspective, but I do not appreciate your stance on this. How can you brand DL men as being mostly sexual deviants who destroy homes when some men feel as though they have to hide their sexuality as a means to avoid conflict that could possibly cost them their lives? I agree they may be lost but sometimes people get stuck (wife/children). Your message should be to embrace who you are, not ostracize these men.

  3. DL guys just need to be comfortable and except who they are and love themselves for being them. I have a video i just uploaded on my channel about this and it's sad in this day and age that many people can't fully express themselves.

  4. @TheKoonig If having family ties or homeboys under a false pretense that you are "straight" is what you desire, by all means keep meeting guys on the internet /phone chat lines and hooking up in parks, strips, and truck stops. These undercover liaisons are what has contributed to an alarming rise in the cases of HIV. The reason is that people are generally more promiscuous and irresponsible during a quickie or one night stand rather than a healthy responsible relationship.

  5. @aaronsofine1 That's the point! A DL man is only for some good dick and that's it; but wait; it's get better! Dick is only as good as the respect that comes along with it. The out dude's drama really stems from wanting the DL dude as a permanent fixture in his everyday daily life when all the DL dude wants is his one night fantasy fulfilled and back to his "pseudoheterosexual" life of dating women. marrying women, and having children. Assimilation as a "straight" seems to most important.

  6. every partner should get tested. you practically can go to any clinic now and get tested for free… one night stands are nasty and not everybody thats gay, bi, participates in that madness.

  7. @keys33 coo. this is the issue. there are DL brothas and DL gays. are they the same? maybe. usually a DL brotha loves his wife and he's straight. he just likes to creep wid another dude for a few other reasons. can't get a brotha pregnant. the azzhole is tighter than a vagina, makes sex better. he doesnt want to force his wife into anal sex. gay dl are brothas who do not want to come out of the closet and that is their right. swag is cool and it's an attraction.

  8. @keys33 – two different issues. first if i offended you, i am sorry.. no question that a dl brother should communicate. no question, dl is wrong. don't wait for the dl brotha to speak up. you seem pretty on it, create a group of communication in the the community. deception is not only played out by sex. lying, cheating and other misleads are also not communicated. i'm just sayin, sistas be harder on your man. don't take his word. if there's nothing to hide, he will confess.

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