“We were attacked because we were holding hands.”

Last Sunday evening, Brad Forkner and Christopher Rosevear were walking hand-in-hand when they noticed several men behind them who were laughing and pointing. As Forkner and Roevear walked from the Hawthorne bridge (Portland, Oregon) to the trail toward the East Bank Esplanade, the men pushed and punched Forkner, then hit Rosevear in the head, face, back and ribs before they escaped.

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  1. I don't think the younger generation realizes just how dangerous these situations can be. Fourty years ago this was a regular thing. Is what happened to them right ? of course not it's terrible. But get a clue. It's like waving a $100 bill around in a crowd. Gays like blacks are a minority. They are always on a certain level going to be hated. Be aware of your surroundings.

  2. This is terrible….one time my cousin was attacked in Portland because he wore red shoestrings in his boots which were construed as some stereotype for a skinhead..and guess what?  The police laughed and the Media didn't care at all……what were the gay couple saying again?

  3. if you're so straight then why are you homophobic??????after all the gay lifestyle has nothing to do with u…….a real straight man can not be converted by a gay man because it's in his DNA to be sexually attracted to women……a lot of the straight men I know are cool with gay men and are very secure of their own sexuality……research shows that homophobic men are actually gays who're still in the closet who don't know how to deal with their "true sexuality."..and I see this all the time!!

  4. holding hands doesn't have anything to do with being gay!!!!!!!…………….it's simply a sign of affection between friends (whether male or female)…………..in other countries, it's very common to see hetero male friends holding each other's hands……you just don't see it too often in the United States……..u mean to tell me you gonna walk miles down a bridge just because two men (that you don't even know) are holding hands!!!…I'm sorry, but…I got better things to do with my time

  5. You're just another very angry and hateful person.

    Sticking things in your as*hole evidently makes people that way. I've never met any more judgemental, mean and hateful people then gays.

  6. God, I bet it pisses you off people diagnosed with HIV today have normal life expectancies now thanks to modern medicine. Fucking religious chatches like you are exactly what's wrong with the world today.

  7. Judgemental? No! I just stated a fact. Why are you against the gay people? There must be a reason. Im not a gay but dont judge other people on what they are (who is judgemental?) whether it is sexual orientation or red hair.

  8. Why are you so angry?? Let me do a brief profile. The extreme anger manifested in some of your comments probably finds its genesis in the inferiority you feel, which I would guess exists because of some secret physical inferiority you feel. The likely origin for this is probably an abnormally small penis. This becomes most obvious in your use of terms like "princess" when exhibiting this subconscious anger. Maybe try getting a penis implant & you won't feel so feminised.

  9. Turn the other cheek and get your ass kicked. Forget it, I've been attacked enough – the next time someone is gonna get hurt if they try to physically attack me. They will never be a father if they try – comprende?

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