Hawmi Guillebeaux learned as a young boy that being feminine or different was not okay, which planted a seed of self-hatred. Only as an adult – and with the help of therapy – was Hawmi able to overcome his internalized homophobia and live a happy and free life.

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  1. Owning your gayness might be more important than coming out….now, you can clearly see what you need in a relationship, because you're no longer blinded by self hatred

  2. ""It's a full time job fuckin loving yourself""
    Thank you, Hawmi. I really like that line, which was
    quoted from the song Bling Bling by JUNGLEPUSSY.
    I searched and found this information . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Shayna McHayle, born October 31, 1991, better known by her stage name Junglepussy,
    is an American independent music artist and rapper based in New York City.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Powerful words, a process of liberation, a message of growth, and your shining humanity. All the best to you.

  4. What a nice guy!! Pretty sure he will find an equally smart, grounded guy. Well deserving of it.

  5. Mmmmm you’re beautiful! I am so glad you found your truth. Now you deserve a truly loving deep relationship. I hope it finds you

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