50 Sfumature di Gay:


  1. Beautifully cast and acted, nice direction, but the screenplay tries to do so many things at once that Oscar's emotional journey ultimately lacks a clear trajectory. For what is the purpose of the two characters' names "Oscar" and "Wilder" as some kind of veiled reference to the gay Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Huh?

  2. The wonderful message for me in this movie is that there,s always hope in any situation.Never give up

  3. This movie touch me hard it hit and im dealing with alot of depression amd i have almost commited sucide several time it need to be pulled off youtube i am trying to stay away but somthin is pulling me to and it hurt so much

  4. The cemetery scene is so fucked up. Wtf ?!? Why would a human being even do that to a person?

  5. Weird show . . Drama to tge max. The hamster and he seemed to be the main story . Oh my gosh . His father wrecked his life

  6. why does every movie have to have depressing begginings shit makes me realise this world is fuked up makes me depressed 🛩👀

  7. This kid playing Oscar, Jack Fulton, is completely stereotyped. Two films and a big TV series, American Crime, he plays the EXACT same character. The emotionally abused gay teen prone to striking back violently. Some sketchy symbolism here such as the rebar in his gut. But otherwise a little too much. Isabella rosellini as the hamster was a nice touch.

  8. At first his dad is okay then suddenly hes changed after his ex wife left him then makes oscar’s life to complicated and mess

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