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  1. Kevin we need the new adress for sending you letters and nice 馃檪 we love this.guy 馃槞馃槞馃槞馃挅

  2. FABULOUS view of PARIS from the window above your sofa! Who knew you could see the Eiffel Tower from San Francisco? Seriously though, I really like your design flair and it's a nice apartment. If you get really lonely, just hit me up via PRAYER 馃檪

  3. Your neighbors must love the FUCK out of you. Lol. Including the ones above (or below, whatever the case may be) you. Lol

  4. would LOVE to see a video about certain YouTubers with nudes on the net… any knowledge on that topic? 馃檪

  5. I've got those neighbors too that smoke heavily, the glade plugins helps keep the stank out. Love your place, bro.

  6. The succulents need a good five hours of sunlight to do well but the more the better, and in that container with no drainage, they need a dribble of water maybe once every week, depending on time of year and climate change, they hate to be soggy so it's better to underwater than over water

  7. Your pride in this first home away from home is so relatable.

    The succulents need multiple hours of sunlight, hence not flourishing in that location鈥攁t the very least they need to be in a window with some natural light. Maybe shift them to your office if there is more light?

  8. Your pink "Olay" dawn earned you the "housekeeping seal of approval". And now you can use your "Olay" after every lay while keeping your hands soft for those hard hand jobs!

  9. Well then…now i know where i will stay when i visit from Greece! I promise i will cook and clean too! 馃榾

  10. Hey there is nothing wrong with taking free napkins I do the same thing pretty much everywhere I go. Hard to imagine living in a place that has higher rent than San Diego (other than NY) but I can imagine the Bay are being expensive af馃槚馃槚馃槅

  11. I think the only thing that makes me cringe , is the swearing …you dont need to you are a great man already.

  12. Love the coffee table! Your place us coming together nicely. My plan when I move into a new place is I buy one item for the apartment a month… It fills up quickly and doesn't strain the budget. 馃嵎Cheers!

  13. Nice apt! Welcome to the club of high rent, Bay area high rent as well as where I live in So-Cal in Huntington Beach, the rent is very high! You get nice things but the apts are older and the kitchens are usually not up to date, but I always manage to dress it up and make it look good, you by the way are a riot and you're so off the wall! 馃檪 I am a goof as well and you make me laugh!

  14. Get those Febreze plug ins !!!! I have neighbors who smoke and googled what to do . You have to change them every 60 days or so but it helps alot!

  15. Its Saturday night and im watching YouTube videos. Im watching the one talking about why most gay men are single. I鈥檓 crying like a baby. If i were ten years younger, I would kidnap kevin and take him home 馃槶. But im not

  16. Really liking the new place, Kevin 馃檪 Don't stress ; we all had 1st apartments and it takes time to get it the way you want. You're doing a great job so far!!

  17. A screamer (loud hook-up) uh? Someone was 鈥榯op鈥 of his game that night 馃槒 Netflicks & porn 馃槇

  18. OMG! How can you be LONELY? An ADONIS like you should have guys standing at the door! I know I would be there! 馃檪

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