this shirt is perfect for anyone looking to suck dicks and be fashionable at the same time lol


  1. Rainbow bright rob here staring into your sleeping soul ready to jack that shit with mariofags

  2. Raver Rob, lol. All you need is glowsticks and "SJW-Neon" hair, and you'll be the talk of the gay club! 😂
    Joking aside, that t-shirt is actually pretty cool.

  3. Dude thats cool looking just its a super specific situation for it to bee cool looking.

  4. the shirts great & all….but wheres the silent rob disco gay light club shirt of him fuckin my mom? shes been needin some pleasin. 👌

  5. Man Rob, I disagree completely. That shirt is awesome. If you don't want it, can you send it to me? XD

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