Today Faust (The Gay boy) gives you (Potential Straight Girl) relationship advice!!

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  1. If your boyfriend just won't change his facebook status, I think there is not much of an issue.
    If he refuses to see you at his house, DO NOT ASSUME that he is cheeting on you! Perhaps ASK WHY, and if he has a valid reason like, his parents would stop him from being able to see you for religious or any dtupid reasons, then you know why and there is no need to go aroundshaming him for having shitty parents.

    This applies to shitty roomates too.

    NEVER assume someone is cheeting on you, that will only make the relationship worse for everyone, especially if you are wrong. COMMUNICATION is important, so take action and bring up the issue you percieve to your partner.

  2. ooh, Faust, yous a nasty bitch to people. I like this. And coincidentally, this was posted on my year anniversary.. of the relationship. Not marriage. Marriage scares me. A lot.

  3. You can connect a serious topic with some humor pretty good. One of the things I like about you. Another one is the fact that you can be "evil" in an inteligent way from time to time.

  4. Omg yes I love this I could not stop laughing it's so true but fucked up like "don't just peeve him get some gifts out of it first " Jesus Christ omg I couldn't stop laughing

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