Hey Guys! This is our version of the boyfriend tag (Interracial Edition). Please enjoy our #TwirlySwirlyLove!


  1. White guys voice is low. Hard to hear as watching video. Black guys voice is just fine to hear. Wow I don't like mushrooms or sea food. I get sick to both. 😐 White guy seems affectionate. Rare to see. esp. online videos. Only seen 1 other couple do that.

  2. great chemistry. but not bc of the swirl but bc you have great chemistry as a loving couple…check my channel guys… my partner and i are in connecticut btw.

  3. im a white guy with a black boyfriend (6 years). and i think theres a new phenomena = guys getting a " boyfriend"' mainly so they can post videos together ,,,especially these 'boyfriend tag', "chapstick challenge" , "first time" ,etcetc videos.

  4. You guys are so amazing. I love how you guys are affectionate outdoors…kinda reminds me of my boyfriend and I. Take care, guys!

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