If you are a black, gay man in America, your risk of contracting HIV is one in two. Leah Green travels to Atlanta, Georgia, which has the largest gay and black community in the country. She finds out how stigma, education and structural racism continue to feed into this startling statistic
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  1. Okey, so people in America will have to pay 2000 dollars a bottle of HIV medication, if they don't have health insurance. That is the worst thing I have heard. Sadly, it seems to be true. No wonder people still die of AIDS in America, since they don't really have a health system at all over there, unless you are crazy rich. 2000 dollars! That is not just pocket money. That is serious money, and for 1 bottle only. And the salary on Walmart is 7 dollars per hour, I saw in a documentary. So of course people will not be able to afford HIV medication and will die of AIDS. In the meantime, they will transmit the disease to others since they are off medication. United States must be a country ruled by no less than maniacs and headless chickens. In my country, I'm sure HIV treatment is free. If not, it will be free after you have reached the limit of 200-something dollars. We have a limit for health expenses per person per year. When you reach that limit by using medications or visiting the doctor or other health services, you will get everything for free after that. Because our government have desided that health care should be affordable for everybody, and nobody should pay more than a little over 200 dollars a year. But if you are hospitalized and have to stay more than 1 night in hospital, it will anyway be 100% for free, and regardless of what they do in the hospitals. Expensive operations or simple care, it will be for free regardless of what it is. And some other health care or medications will also be for free. If I don't remember wrong, pregnancy controls and things like that are always for free. I will be surprised if not HIV treatment is free also, but I don't know. It is definately not like in the USA where people are robbed 2000 dollars for 1 box of highly necessery pills. I don't really understand why a country like USA don't have a functioning health system while every other country with roughly the same income or less have it. America have more than money enough for the military, so money is not the problem. It must be the lack of will and the lack of respect for human life.

  2. This reporter women doesnt want to acknowledge that the problem stems from the black mens sexual behaviour, shes almost ready to blame the white men for the aids problem in the black gay community, anyway I hope everyone gets cured and live long lives.

  3. If you can't control your urge to use the smelly bacteria laden business end of other men's digestive systems as sex organs then you need therapy cause you're obviously insane.
    And GROSS. Don't dance like that.

  4. If y’all recognized that homosexuality is wrong in the first place , a lot of diseases rates will decrease not just HIV , but y’all won’t admit it’s wrong so y’all gon keep catching deseases for ever

  5. There is still a risk of transmitting HIV to a negative person even with an undetectable viral load… Its always advised to use protection regardless

  6. 1 in 2.. Wow.. Our communities must address health and wellness and mental health. It should be the main agenda. We must call things for what they are. Is it Systematic or personal Choice? Is it both? $2000.00 for a bottle of medicine. Hmmmmmm?

  7. This is just absolutely ridiculous. Get it together…. Use condoms, get tested before having sex with someone, don’t sleep with just anyone….. It doesn’t have to be like this. That’s what I do as a black lesbian and we aren’t considered at risk. Idc. I always get the other woman tested with me before sex and use protection. No excuses.

  8. I can't help but feel that they channel their anger at being HIV positive through being angry at gay white people. I really don't see it as a race thing. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, if you have unprotected sex then you're at risk.

  9. Regardless of who you are, preventing yourself from contracting HIV or any other STI really comes down to common sense and making the right choices. People should educate themselves on HIV and STI's, and practice safe sex. That doesn't just mean using condoms; it also means getting tested, having open and honest conversations with your partner(s) about STI's and safe sex, avoiding the use of drugs or at the very least using drugs safely and responsibly. Truvada is also not a license to bone without condoms either; it does not protect you from contracting the many other STI's out there that are way easier to catch

  10. The genetic make up of that hiv aids is to target a gene 🧬 that gene is responsible for melanin in your skin NOW white propel can contract the virus but it’s only when they have what they call dirty blood meaning high in acid usually drugs and alcohol most white people who have “clean” blood they can be infected and the virus not stick this virus was geared for black people and people of color

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