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Ayeee welcome to the most boringest channel you’ll ever see :,) I’m Zxck, and before you ask, I AM a girl, my main oc is a boy, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a girl~ hope you enjoy this boring channel 🙂


Q Can I collab with you?
A of course! Just contact me on my social media’s!

Q How old are you?
A 13, but uhh yea I’m still a boring person that probably hates most things tbh

Q why did that mini movie have tagalog on it?
A ….please…don’t ask that.

Q where do you live?
A hEy sHuT uP

Q can we be friends?
A of course! Anyone can be my friend!

Q this doesn’t make any sense???


  1. ok. Stop. Talking. About. The. Open. Bedroom. It’s so annoying at this point that half of these comments are about the open door like why does it even matter -_-

  2. *how to become a gacha kid*:

    1.make sure you're a 7 year old (obviously)

    2.set up you're gacha video and make sure it makes no sense


    4.bad thing happens = breaks in song

    5.even more cringe

    6.make sure you have cringe worthy songs

    7.start a fight over an artist and tell them that gacha is art too and that you can draw something better then them

    and if you do all of these then congrats you're a gacha kid

    edit: take it back if you put swearing in one of you're gotcha video ill gave that video an 8

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