Chandler’s coworker tries setting him up on a blind date with a man, leaving Chandler shocked to find that most people assume he’s gay.

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Friends: Chandler’s Shocked that People Assume He’s Gay (Season 1 Clip) | TBS



  1. Ok but Monica had a huge crush on Chandler the first time she met him, wich is why she lost so much weight. And also Rachel day dreamed about having sex with him after she once met him, before her wedding. And they kissed at a college party. So what they're saying here doesn't make any sense.

  2. I think the "quality" they were talking about was his sassiness, a lot of gay men are known to be sassy.🤔 Even though he's not gay that trait in males is often associated with it.😂 Let me know in the replies what you think the "quality" might've been👇

  3. I never understood why they laughed when he asks did they ever think about Ross being gay? Like what's the context, did they mean Ross is not smart & funny so he can't be gay?

  4. Sry but even i also felt his character was gay in the beginning the way he uncomfortable with girls in beginning episodes and it was just a vibe you know

  5. Psst, comment section, yeah you, I'm talking to you.
    Ahem, there is no way of determining whether or not someone is gay based on behavior, take a step back from the stereotypes, assumptions, codes and gaydars and start acknowledging that the world doesn't go by your narrow minded perspective. This is literally the point the clip is making.
    If you want an easy way you can use the incredible unheard of handy dandy method of asking. You're welcome.

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