Kings of Horror presents: Flexing with Monty

Monty is a bodybuilder. His gym is the very heart of his existence. He is aggressively male, outrageously narcissistic and a bigot. Sharing this strange world is Monty’s cerebral and emotionally wounded younger brother, Bertin. One stormy day, the brothers’ bizarre but settled lives are suddenly disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lilith, a Catholic nun collecting contributions for an unusual cause. Lilith’s arrival is the catalyst required to generate a momentous change in Bertin’s relationship with his brother, a change that results in the astonishing and gruesome downfall of the vainglorious Monty.

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  1. Rest in Peace Trevor Goddard. For those who missed it, he died of overdose of drugs- too much of a heavy mixed cocktail of drugs, maybe suicide maybe not. Ruled in the end to be accidental overdose. Have not seen this one yet, crap or not I will watch it in his honor. What a delicious hunk, and what a waste.

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