Feel like my first week in Toronto is going to be hard to beat. Met some really lovely people in Hi-Hostel Toronto. Went for a few nights out on the town. Saw the filming of Suits. ‘Bumped’ into some ridiculously hot guys and generally felt the warmth of Canadian people and all this in one week.

The Madison –
The Lab –

The Art Gallery of Ontario –
Toronto Islands –


  1. Hi I was thinking to go to Toronto 2018 but I wondering do you know any hostels with a private room. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey, I'm looking at moving over to Toronto by myself in 2017, just applied for my working visa! any tips on where to look for apartments/where to first stay and how to meet new people?

  3. Let me jst pause a second, before a replay that moment…
    OHHHHH LORTTT!!!! THOSE CANADIAN MEN!!! ARE FYAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (FIRE)…. OHH MA GAAWWWWDDDDD!!!!! JESEUS!!!! SERIOUSLY need to hook a sista up with one of them fine gentlemen… soo sweet, they are..

  4. Honestly, pure shock when I saw them. We have grey squirrels in the UK and in some parts we also have red squirrels but no black ones. I am still constantly getting my camera out to film them!!

  5. Thanks SOOOO MUCH!! I guess you must be in Toronto by now. How are you finding it and the hostel? I was pooing my pants too. In fact I'm moving out West this month and am pooing my pants all over again concerning luggage. lol.

    What have you done so far? I'm excited for you!!!

  6. Aaaahh just subscribed! LOVING the videos 😀 I'm moving to Toronto in 3 days AND im staying in Hi-Hostel, how did you find it? Im currently in the middle of packing and I'v decided to book another case after seeing your video about your overweight luggage haha I was proper pooing my pants until I watched your vids, Thank you 🙂

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