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We asked homophobes to hug gay strangers for the first time.
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Translation provided by/Traducción hecha por Natalia Tobon

Jessica Moerschfelder
Daryl Buttineau
Heather Tobin
Adam Benish
Kaitlyn Alexander
Paule Kelly-Rhéaume
Jeff Graham
Minh Thuy Nguyen
Sarah Rotella
Yury Ruzhyev
Sheila Cording
Justin Friesen
Sara Jackson

“Coal Canary”
by Hunting Owls

Special Thanks
Li Dong
Cassie Pyatt

Very Special Thanks to Version1 Studios


  1. I would’ve liked to have seen the little girl hug Kaitlyn, and then she might say something along the lines of “I accept you.” or whatever, and then the mom might change her views and think “You know what? I guess they’re not as bad as I thought.” and then she would’ve joined in an adorable group hug, and I’d be sitting on this couch crying my eyes out as my faith in humanity is restored. But no. This woman literally kept her daughter away from Kaitlyn like she was some monster child molester or a rapist or something, and then she did that cross thing that Catholics do across her chest. Is loving someone really so wrong? She’s just being who she is. I mean, come on. I like a person who’s being who they are.

  2. Look I’m agnostic but before I become agnostic I was christian and I studied the bible and there’s the new age bible and the old age bible ( after and before jesus) the thing about homosexuality being a sin is true and its different then the pedophilia you are talking about
    Now the story behind this sin is that there’s a myth/story/history idk if it’s historically proven about a village that there people became homosexuals and were having sex with the same sex and god got angry so he burned down the whole city ( it includes angels too) and told the only people who were straight and had a family to walk pass it and let it be a lesson and to tell everyone about it
    The city had not only homosexuals but people who are having sex with everyone without being married or without the love concept only for their sexual pleasure

  3. So i’m not Christian, but i know the history and stuff, and in the bible it says: God created human kind to have FREE will. In the bible it might have said that men and women were made for eachother, but since God gave them free will it should grand them the choice of exploring their feelings to find love for someone of the same sex.
    It’s cruel how someone can turn that into a sin, and actually really sad how someone have twisted the words of the bible and spread it to become homophobia

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