Film gay with bahasa subtitles about the fight between religion and sexuality.

Many people are afraid to come out due to their religion and society around them.

This presents also the major obstacle for the main character, who struggles with his homosexuality.

However, you cannot fight the person who you are.

One day, Bastian decides to date a guy and that changes everything.

Did you have problems with coming out because of your religion?
How did you deal with that?

Being gay has nothing to do with religion. If someone is gay, this person cannot be changed to be straight just because of religion.


This film was done in 48 hours during a KinoDynamique in Vienna with 0 budget.
Everyone who worked on the film got to know each other only 24 hours before the film was made.

We are a small community based in Vienna Austria making gay themed short films. In case you wanted to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us under: [email protected] (bahasa, 同性戀電影)


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