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• Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2016, Hong Kong
• Transition International Queer Minority Film Festival, Vienna, Austria
• CinemAsia Film Festival 10th Edition, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Roze Filmdagen (the 20th Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival), Amsterdam, Netherlands
• OUTFEST, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
• Indignation, Singapore
• Rainbow Reel, Tokyo, Japan
• Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
• TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival, Seattle, U.S.A.
• Hamburg Queer Festival, Hamburg, Germany
• QCinema, Philippines
• Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, Taiwan
• Seoul Pride Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea
• ETC.


  1. Phoon is so stupid…..but his boyfriend is amazing. I was disappointed a bit because I love hot sex scenes! Haha I've got a blue head😂 but it's a really great movie. It shows a lot of important things to the world about same sex families. The song in the end of the movie is so emotional. By the way: is the movie Japanese or Chinese?? I don't know…🤦

  2. Giustamente una mamma abbandona il figlio perché non se ne può prendere cura e anni dopo lo rivuole indietro, quando lui oramai vive con 2 papá che lo amano e se ne sono sempre presi cura, io direi a queste persone che i figli non sono giocattoli non puoi volerli quando vuoi e levarli da mezzo quando non é cosa.

  3. This bl movie have a beautiful story.. Lots of good lessons we need to learn about life… I love this movie and I'm very attracted to it… Thank you for uploading it😊😊😊

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