I always wanted to get my swerve on on my bike!

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  1. Melissa got Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds to make out with her, she got paid for it and they are smoking…and I cant land one fucking date.  I look exactly like her.  How come my life sucks.  Begrudgingly happy for her, though.

  2. The part when they were on the motorcycle looking at the other two it was too romantic. I have to watch dis movie.

  3. I don't know what kind of exercise machine that is Luke is using but it looks like some kind of 90's As Seen On TV torture device. Bet it came with a free beeper.

  4. She deserves to star in a romance movie as the leading lady. She is the so cute, gorgeous and funny. I hope Hollywood will get a clue and do it already! LOVE her.

  5. Aww I had no idea they even did a movie together nevermind played love interests! I love this! I think they have good chemistry. Melissa is gorgeous!

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