When Peter hears Loretta scream, he tries to help out, but discovers Loretta is cheating on Cleveland. Peter figures out that it was Quagmire and decides to tell Cleveland about it. But when Loretta walks out on Cleveland he doesn’t take it lightly.

Episode Name
The Cleveland–Loretta Quagmire 04:05

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  2. And Quagmire has the audacity to rub Brian's flaws in his face as a way to make himself the better person…

  3. "My fellow Americans.. I have not been entirely truthful with you.. I did gi-googity that girl.. I ge-shmoighety'd her ge-flaybity, with my googus… And I am sorry…"

  4. I've noticed that Seth always portrays female characters as whores or victims. He has some serious mommy issues.

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