EUPHORIA Trailer (2019) Zendaya, Teen Series
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  1. I wanna watch this show so bad because I can literally tell how good it is but I know I won’t be allowed to and if I’m my mom catches me watching it well- see y’all at my funeral ig🙈

  2. I just watched up the last ep of euphoria now.i just want to say that this show is super amazing,its more reality .n i dont have words to describe how zendayas role good is.shes 100% doing good in rues charachter.n this show gives a message for teen society in which what are their to do with their lives.what is right n wrong.Zendaya deserves emmy as the lead role.labrinths music matches every scene perfectly.his work is too great in his music.cant wait for euphoria seoson 2.luv the show.its amazing

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