One of our shorter hunts at our favorite place. Found a clock key and what we thought was a walking liberty. Boy were we mistaken!


  1. haha that token coin is so wierd , Romans used stuff like that too did they get to usa? lol ,kewl lighter ,haha chips glasses i loved chips back in the day ,the solid brass is cool like a ingot ,haha loving the clock key hahaha,lmao at prescription glasses , love you guys to bits laughing its good 🙂

  2. Welcome to the club my friend's..Finding a Head's_Tail's token is on of the best field find's out there. You guy's have finally arrived. Stand here next to me, the sissy boy to my left and the the other to my right…now smile.

  3. I found the same coin at a wayside in Plover Wisconsin and my wife made me make a wish and tossed it in the river. Her wish cane true I dont have the coin anymore, JIM

  4. I see a lot of other people dig those tokens, but I've never found one! Now you can take that on your hunts and spank it for good luck. LOL. I always spit on the crusty wheats & old nickels to see the date. I'll have to start doing that live. =D I haven't been hunting much though. =( I like the "solid brass" object. I wish more finds came out of the ground with a description. Haha.

  5. 1st!!!!&! Entertaining as allways but whacking in the park. You're sick,twisted and perverted,,,,,,I like thst in a person.Lol. Happy Hunting guys.

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