Well-intentioned history lesson; the decision to drop the atom bomb, the secrecy surrounding the mission, and the men who flew it.

Production Companies
Viacom Productions
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) (1980) (USA) (TV) (original airing)
VPS Film-Entertainment GmbH (all media)


  1. With the factless Left always trying to rewrite history, my personal thoughts relate to the fact my dad and many other dads would not have come home from the Second World War, if we had invaded the Japanese home islands.Meaning, I would not exist, nor would millions of other potential children born to those American soldiers and sailors that were set to land on Japanese soil.
    U.S. War Department estimated that casualties of U.S. troops would have suffered 400,000 to 800,000 dead and 1.7 to 4 million wounded.
    The Japanese would have lost 10,000,000 people.
    Okinawa, the first main Japanese Home Island, lost half their population of 300,000 when the U.S. landed, as well as 117,000 Japanese soldiers.

    The two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki finally caused the Japanese government to acquiesce and drop the "we will never surrender" clause in the Bushito Warrior Code.

  2. Thanks for posting this movie that depicts a very important piece of world history. I was fortunate to meet Paul Tibbets & other members of the 509th in Wendover Nevada at the presentation of the 509th memorial back in the 90's. Freedom comes at a cost.

  3. thanks to the Treaty of San Francisco that gave Japan the win by Trade Capitulation and Proclamation 2714 by Truman that ended the hot war for USA on Dec 1946, the Japanese were able to liberate China and establish Taiwan and India as free nations…
    USA ended up losing its War and Dept of war…USA was forced to form a self Defense Force in 1948…

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  5. Thank you for posting this film. I remember when it was first released in 1980. I always liked this film and could never find it on vhs or dvd.

  6. As bad as this movie is it's even worse for the lack of correct haircuts all around and ridiculous, slaphappy tude the Americans have, and where is Oppenheimer's hat?

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