Starting with their new EP Melt, their national hit “Trampoline” couldn’t be more aptly named.

The song has skyrocketed up the charts on Spotify, iTunes, and Shazam after being tapped for the latest Macbook Air national ad campaign. The ethereal video for the track dropped today and they have just kicked off their first headlining tour this month.

The SHAED of it all indeed…they’ve been busy.

Chelsea Lee, the powerhouse vocalist of this DC-based electro-pop trio, let NewNowNext in on these last few months.

Before so much of the success this past year, what originally inspired you all to begin writing the Melt EP?

The Melt EP is a result of us finally moving in together and literally becoming a family band. Max and Spencer are twin brothers. I married Spencer this year and Max is my best friend, so you could call us “The Ernst Family Band.” We settled into a small house in the suburbs of DC last year and had the opportunity to write and record music every day for several months.

The title track “Melt” was the first song we wrote, which was really cathartic for me since it was written about a time in my life when I didn’t have control of my artistry. “Trampoline,” “Keep Calling,” “You Got Me Like,” “Inside A Dream,” “Wish I,” and “Silver Knife” came soon after.

How would you describe your sound to an audience looking for some new music?

Spacious pop music with lush female vocals.

For any up and coming band, getting a call to have your music in an Apple ad must have been incredible. What was that like and how has that massive exposure changed things? Is there anything that has surprised you along this journey?

It is absolutely indescribable. Having the Apple ad has always been a dream of ours, especially after seeing Feist sing “1234” for the iPod nano. The ad has allowed “Trampoline” to be heard around the world and this kind of exposure is unparalleled. The most surprising thing is how many doors can open for you when you least expect it. I know we have many more exciting adventures in the future.

You’ve been on the road quite a lot, playing for a variety of audiences—what are the best and worst parts of that experience?

Best parts—playing in new cities, meeting new fans, and sleeping for hours in the tour van. Worst parts – late nights and gas station string cheese.

And when you’re not on the road, you all live in the same place—that must help a lot with the creative process?

We have the chance to be creative whenever and however we want. We have a studio in the back of the house that we spend 99% of our time in (when we’re not all cooking in the kitchen) and we try and write or record something every day. It makes us very happy.

You’re DC-based. What’s unique about that music scene for people who may not know?

DC is a hidden gem in our opinion. There are some really wonderful indie electronic acts popping up in the DMV like April + Vista and incredible house shows taking place at Otherfeels. Also 9:30 club is quite possibly the best club venue in the entire country.

Who are some of your favorite bands and inspirations? Is there any song you’d be dying to cover?

There are too many to count. I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, and he continues to be one of my most loved voices. We always listen to him when we’re cooking together. As of right this very second—Summer Walker, Billie Eilish, and every Christmas song imaginable are on repeat.

What do you have in store for the year to come and what can your fans look forward to?

New Music. New Adventures.

Jay writes about music and pop culture since us LGBT folks pretty much run these kinds of things.