Elder Dalton walked into the temple hastily and nervously, fidgeting with his tie clip to get it to stay straight. He’d been taught his whole life the importance of being neatly groomed and presentable, especially when meeting with the priesthood.

Dalton could not have been a more impressive model of Mormon, fitting the look and manner of a disciplined missionary perfectly. Still, his anxiety about falling even momentarily short of the ideals to which he’d been raised coursed through his body, making his fingers slightly shake as he worked to right himself.

Bishop Hart watched as the intense boy made his way into office, carrying the demeanor of a boy never not apologetic for something. He could see he had his work cut out for him, but he was excited for the challenge.

The two men spoke lightly for a while, Hart trying his best to relax the boy. He knew a boy on edge was less likely to admit to his sexual desires, and Hart was determined to see what the boy enjoys. But no matter how much the spoke of P-Day fun and high school experiences, Dalton seemed to never sit at ease.

Hart asked him a few quick questions about sex and temptations, low ball things that most Mormons had no problem answering. To his surprise, even innocent things like kissing and holding hands seemed nerve wracking and foreign to the young boy. Then it hit him: he’s not just a virgin, he’s a true blank slate!

Most Mormons come from strict religious households and are banned from things like pornography and premarital sex, but they all seem to find their way to developing a deep, desperate fantasy life, constantly reinforced by secret masturbation and lingering looks.

Dalton, however, was raised to the extreme. So sinful was sex to him that it seemed he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of an erotic thought. Hart could see his body physically respond to questions about fantasies and urges as if he was being lightly tortured.

Hart was impressed how submissive the young boy was to his upbringing, clingling hard to the strict dogma of his younger lessons. But he knew this boy needed to find his release. He needed to relax, to find his sexuality, and experience first hand the power of sex. And he especially needed that in order to become the sexual servant that Hart could see he might become…

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