The EATING CUM Black Cream 2 cumpilations were originally posted on Gaytorrents until EATING CUM 23. After that, they were taken down and only some of the episodes were posted back here. The series didn’t stop though. There are over 100 cumpilations and just as many specials in the series. In 2014-2016, re-edited versions of the older cumpilations came out.

From #09 and up, sound levels and/or contrast and color were adjusted. With the original cumpilations mostly focusing on the cumshot, the re-edits show longer versions of scenes. Scenes that could be considered more a facial than an oral cumshot or were considered too weak for other reasons have been taken out. Stronger scenes have been replaced with longer versions. Black Cream 2 While before they were often cut off short after the cumshot, the re-edits show the licking, cleaning and swallowing afterward. In short, the re-edits are a lot cummier!

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