This incident occurred approximately 12:10 am, Jan. 1, 2018 on New Year’s Eve at the Scotchman on Johnnie Dodds Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Any information on these passengers will be greatly appreciated as they have still not been found.

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  1. I’m sure you already know, but the video is on DailyMail now. I hope you can let us know an update on this cunt. Surely, she’s been identified now and you can press charges?

  2. Jane needs a lesson in humility. And also probably needs to get some help for not being able to control herself. Fucking cunt.

  3. I hope you get the trash and press all charges you can. What a pathetic loser. And her friend in the front is no better… watching and not taking care of taking her friend out. I hope the fiancé sees this and dumb the whore. By the way the video is on The Chive now. 🙂

  4. Whites need to be banned from drinking alcohol. They're uncivilized as it is when they're sober. They become absolute degenerates when they're drunk.

  5. You know it's funny you guys talking all this s*** about this girl but you do the exact same thing when you're drunk so don't act like you're any better than her

  6. This is why my phone has a full protection plan.. if it gets smashed, it gets replaced. Still, this is just major bullshit.

  7. Mate your a gimp take the passenger home and get paid its a customer service industry which I don't think you are suited to.

  8. What bar did you pick them up from? Maybe you can search recent instagram pictures taken there? Drunk girls do that stuff i think.

  9. Lawyer up. They will get the ball rolling with Uber if you want to go the civil route instead of the criminal route which the police apparently aren't worth a shit for.

  10. you (driver) caused that incident by being a confrontational idiot – horrible people/social skills … also get another job – this is the type of trash u gonna deal with by driving for Uber –

  11. Sucks that it happened, but I guess these things are to be somewhat expected when you allow drunks to get in your vehicle. Also, for future reference you should speak much louder and be more assertive when speaking to others.

  12. No way I'd be an uber driver past 11PM unless I was doing airport pickups where the destination is filled with security. New Years Day at 12AM and a woman no less? Women are the fucking worst, they can't hold their boos, get extremely violent because they think the World is their vagina, vandalize more than men when they're upset, and if all goes bad will gladly accuse you of rape, sexual assault, etc. This guy is fucking nuts.

  13. Good luck. Hopefully UBER will be shamed enough in this to get off their asses and do something. Does anyone really believe that in this day and age data just disappears?

  14. I wouldn't stop bugging uber until they give you a name to turn over to police.

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