Alberto Del Rio faces Dolph Ziggler and then receives a little payback from Batista.


  1. people who booes Batista are stupid , cose that same people were 4 years ago crying and begging him to comeback , and when he does comeback they turned their back on him for stupid reasons , cose WWE did what the Fans wanted , the fans wanted a winning returns for batista and when WWE gave it to them they were nonsatisfied cose they are always insatisfied that's all

  2. ziggler sucks,  you people say he is underused talent, but well I don't like the guy and I don't mind him being a jobber, his  moves suck, they might be high energy but  suck, his character , assuming it is , ist boring, "watch me I'm goodlooking"….all the " new kids" from the  PG era, are the sadly  the same as boing, same lack of product, keep him away from the camera as much as possible

  3. :3 Batista is my favorite super star in WWE since i was a little kid, since I rember now i'm 17 and i'm really excited about his return, he inspired me in my whole life thanks Batista (:
    I'm glad you're back.

  4. Talking about pushing Ziggler, they should place Ziggler against his Billy Gunn, they both have the same moves like that leg drop. As well as their personality…

  5. Y'know I am Mexican, but in my opinion Del Rio is a shame for my country. Ziggler really deserves a title shot, a big push. Me and my country want Ziggler! Not the boring Alberto or how we call him in our country "El Patron"

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