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  1. I always thing same thing about good looking women, that she already is in relationship or has a lot of guys in her life, so i cant bring anything new to her life so assume she wouldn be interested about me.

  2. Consider the fact that looks are subjective, I think people are usually wrong when they assume the person has a mate. The person themselves may think they're ugly, if they've been called ugly a few times in their life. They may not have even been that "attractive" before puberty hit… It's interesting girls think this tho, despite the fact that most of'em refuse to make the first move

    Lol. They must consider it BEFORE they decide to purposely place themselves in his presence or do some other form of bait

  3. My question is "What if a girl tell you I don't deserve all of this on valentine's day???" Should i continue or not?

  4. I assume he already has a girlfriend because 9 times out of 10 they usually do, and even if he doesn't, I assume he wouldn't be interested in little ol' me anyway so I don't dare bother to begin with. Story of my life

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