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  1. At least you made an effort to pronounce the sample in French. The whole YT world still cannot be bothered by trying to pronounce Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin correctly.

  2. Everything i've purchased from CHANEL has always been in perfect condition, leather goods, shoes and custom jewelry. Never had any flaws, been purchasing from 2014 untill now. Bad reviews will get you alot of views on youtube that's why you see them so often. CHANEL is the only brand i've never had problems with! 👏🏻😍

  3. I love your videos! and I see you're gaining popularity. I'd like you to consider adding closed captioning (not just the auto ones haha those are awful) because there coukd be deaf people out there who wpuld really love your videos. It is hard work so maybe if you just did it on your shorter vids, and I understand if you're busy but it would also be really cool! 2.5/1000 people are born with hearing loss, and even more people develop conditions, so there's a big number of deaf people out there. Thanks for reading! (again, it's just a suggestion don't feel obligated or anything haha)

  4. I just discovered your channel about 2 weeks ago and I think that you are absolutely adorable Charles!!! I'm not quite sure of the age range of your viewership, but I am a 36 y/o professional and find your videos to be LIFE! Continue being your true and authentic self, you can never go wrong! By the way, thanks to you I've given Chanel #5 another chance…after letting it dry, it is absolutely beautiful!!!! For years my 1st impression straight from the bottle was not very good. Who knew! Muah!

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