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  1. The funny thing is that 20 years ago your self centered asses were begging for any woman, at the risk of her own judgement by her family and friends, to befriend you. So you were just using us until you became more mainstream with "straight" men. Karma's a bitch and dually noted kids.

  2. I still don't care, fuck gay people. Come at me haters, and don't be saying your the "reason people are killing themselves!" haha its there fault they take it personally. Plus I never told anyone to kill themselves they just do it themselves. So yeah come at me you bitches.

  3. This kind of thing gets me heated. I have two best friends, both are gay. And why are they my best friends? Because of the content of their character. Gay people are not accessories. They're people.

  4. As a straight dude, I wonder how many women start ranting to gay male friends about how "all men are pigs" (which is an asinine and immature statement to begin with) without realizing that they are, in fact, still talking to a man.

  5. All of this that you guys say sounds like everything that is in a movie with a gay friend and a straight girl or woman so I think that is why we act like this

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