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  1. Nothing has helped, getting harder to walk. I'm hearing some amazing stories, people DDP has helped. Not to mention his injury. I'm sold. We all know it sucks to be crippled , restricted. I had to recently totally change my life. I hope this can help me get some if not most back?

  2. Hello sir
    I am from india…
    I am 37 years old..
    I am a badminton player..
    I am suffering from knee pain (in both knees)..
    Doctor says that I am suffering from osteoarthritis..
    Due to pain I have to leave my game..
    What should I do

  3. Fractured 4 vertebrae and currently still have one vertebrae that is still fractured. 3 lumbar and my T7 that was fractured and deformed. Its been really hard for me to do things in general wether it be driving or just doing chores around the house. Have a long history of medical problems and now at 31 years old i feel like im 80 years old. I was really wondering if this could possibly help me.

  4. While doing a lot of these exercises like the diamond cutter and the cobra position do I tighten my abs or just let my spine do whatever. L3-si problems??? Someone answer please

  5. At work I was thrown off of a Train while making a shove years ago. An event in which I received 2 compression fractures. DDP yoga was the single greatest tool I had to gain length and strength back in my posture and height. In fact it kept me working with no time off and still being able to recover from those injuries.

  6. I love DDPYoga. I have an arm injury and potentially another wrist surgery, but I modify everything. Right now I am doing mostly the Red Hot Core, for my abs and recovery of back pain after a Hysterectomy last July 2017. I feel stronger, am focused, and my moods even improved because I am taking care of me. I LOVE how the core work gives me the strength to sit tall, walk tall, and feel whole again. Thank you!

  7. Inspired by Arthur’s story, I started DDP Yoga 4years ago to heal my neck pain from a gym injury 10yrs ago.
    In one month I was seeing improvements, within 6mths the pain had completely disappeared!
    I’ve never stopped doing Yoga since. Thx DDPπŸ™πŸΌ

  8. What if just doing the energy workout makes the back pain worse. I've been told by doctors that doing (fold forward) and (cobra) should be avoided if you have a disc issue. I don't know what move is causing the pain to get worse, but I haven't been able to get past the energy workout (without getting an epidural steroid injection) and I bought the dvd's 3 years ago

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