1. Hey stevo keep crushing it bro! Keep on grinding, sadly I started wrestling my freshman year thru my senior year and now I'm currently in the army, I'd love to watch one of your matches man! I know the feels push it and you'll achieve anything

  2. there's a ton more information on what foods to eat to get maximum energy nowadays… pizza isnt freakin' it'… bad coaching

  3. I met him at a wrestling tournament that I won and I went over to stevos matches to watch him keep up the work! Train hard I did and now I'm captain of the wrestling team where I live!

  4. Mr twist🤔 cool name. We have watched a few of your early videos and you truly have a God given talent. A word of advice since you say you compete every week. Don't get bunt out. Try to use the competition as just another training day, go hard but enjoy yourself and when the national or worlds come around then you turn it up a notch or two and really go balzout🤖 Keep up the great work and you and your family are in our prayers.

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