Oklahoma State wrestler Daton Fix explains why he did 100,000 push-ups in one year as a third grader. Daton was joined by his dad and his grandfather.


  1. Congrats to Grandpa too for doing all those push-ups! It reminds me of when I was 10 and my father said he would give me $10 if I could do 10 pull-ups, so I had to work at it, but it did not take long to work up to it.

  2. I watched the refs steal a victory from Surianao, so it was sweet revenge tournament time. Ref cost Fix a title by giving him an unearned victory which motivated Surianao big time. Dayton, u should have refused to accept victory at that time and praised Surianao. Maybe u would have beaten a less motivated version of him.

  3. People don’t really believe that a 3rd grader did full length pushups that many times do they? Guaranteed he was doing quarter or at most, half reps, def not doing full reps at that age so stop with this nonsense.

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