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  1. Translation
    Boy in black (B) : Why did you look at me the other night ? When….When I was changing clothes.
    Boy in grey ( G): I'm sorry…..Id'on't know…Ifelt like looking at you and…that's it.
    B : And why do you apologize ? It's not a big deaf if you look at me.
    What is it, are you unconfortable ? Does this subject bother you ?
    G: No it's not that.
    B: What is it ?
    G: Well Idon't know, I thought….I thought it wasn't mutual.
    B: Don't think.
    G: Why ? Is it mutual ?
    B: I don't know, maybe ?
    Wanna watch a movie ?
    G: yes

  2. i can't open the web because it's forbidden by my government, please tell me the title of the movie :'( ?

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