CT Fletcher World Champion Bench Press 650 lbs. and strict curl 225 lbs. all of this while DRUG FREE!!!! Near miss at 705 lb. “shirtless” at John Inzers “Worlds greatest bench press” contest.


  1. What gyms do you guys go to? NFL players throw around 400 plus pounds all the time, and they are not power lifters. As a teenager I worked out with guys that were throwing around 300 plus pounds. Everybody that is stronger than you is not on steroids. Tearing someone down especially with no actual proof is not gonna build u up. Makes u look weak. Everyone can not get this strong, even on PED, it is a matter of genetics, combined with hard work.

  2. This can be achieved naturally, steroids only increase your strength because they build so much muscle in short amounts of time and they're a quicker route to what you want to achieve. Trust me steroids are just a quicker route and nothing more, but they're not the best way to do it. This still can be achieved naturally and all you people who say it can't obviously don't know what the human body alone is capable of

  3. Steroids have proof to make a person have immense rage and anger towards people over small things, CT Fletcher was was very humble when he was younger and he is natural because if not his gut would not be there because steroids build so much muscle that you actually tone out and get abs as well so all you bitch boys who want to put yourself above him and say he was a steroid user need to stfu

  4. CT Fletcher's older now so we know that he's taking some type of steroids because at 60 years old there's no way in hell that anybody could still be pressing what he is not possible it is possible with steroids though but when you get older there's going to be a limit to what you could do only through steroids can you push past that

  5. Lot of people are saying he took steroids unfortunately they're right the reason why is because naturally most people can only press 402 maybe 495 naturally now in order to do that it's going to take a lot of supplements lots of healthy eating and ridiculous amount of protein but Mark Wahlberg can bench press over 300 pounds in the rock bench press over 400 pounds and neither one of those guys take steroids so it all just depends on how much they're lifting and how bad the diet is back then a cheeseburger so no I don't think he was natural

  6. I seen a lil guy maybe 165lbs. rep 315lbs. like it was nothing. The human body is capable of anything as long as the mind is involved. Thats why it would help alot of you guys to remove your head from your ass. Thats your first step. Quit hatin

  7. There's a 150 lb Asian guy on YouTube bench pressing over 400+ lbs and he's also very skinny and also natural.
    If an Asian guy can do that then why is it so hard to believe that CT Fletcher who's about 300+ lbs can bench over 500-600 lbs?

  8. why are so many of you so sure that he took steroids back then? why do you feel this way? I've always wondered why people think this of the people that are really really strong like CT Fletcher and so many others.

  9. when they said he is drug free actually means he was off steroids in the competitions but rest of the times he was on steroids. everyone can get off cycle a couple of months before the competition and then show nothing at the drug test, to then get back on the juice after competition. and all this lies about how he ended up in hospital. it was because of steroids, not his lame ass excuses

  10. Whether he is on roids or not. That is impressive. You can take 100 men and put them roids and still most of them will not reach this level. I don't watch his videos with all that shit talking because it is not for me,but you cannot deny this mans work.

  11. Little non lifting ass bitch…talking so much damn shit pn ct, fuck steroids or not everyone whos talking shit will never attain that level of strength god with every video with every powerlifter with every strongman with every mothafucking bodybuilder its all "ohh hes on roids" and "not fair hes so fat" and "hes cheating theres an arch in his back"…i may be 15 but i know stupid…little…weak…bitches..when i see them, the actual lifters who have really seen people put in such incredible effort know that you can pass the limits level the odds…its not like every single powetlifting is on steriods seriously….like as a teenager ive talked to numerous powerlifters and other strength athletes and most of them will tell you that their strength was rooted to their drive and childhood people talk about how its so rare to bench 400 naturally and raw well dude there are 17 year olds that put up that weight so im pretty sure if they work for another 10-15 years and gain some more mass they can achieve that god like strength, i swear the people who actually know whats up are real fucking lifters dont come back hating if your some dude whos in his mid 30s weighs like 230lbs and bitches because he can only bench 3 plates

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