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Lucas (Paulo Sousa) is a young man who lives with the religious aunt Lourdes (Juliana Zancanaro) in a quiet country town. He helps his aunt by holding religious meetings with the ladies of the area, in the living room, playing biblical songs on the keyboard. This quiet life will end as soon as the charitable aunt communicates the arrival of another nephew, Mario (Thiago Cazado), just out of jail. The clash of reality between the cousins ends up causing unusual situations, and an unexpected attraction among the boys.

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  1. You know what I realized at the beginning? You should not say anything like, "I want my son to marry a beautiful *girl*!" Who knows if they are gay or not. Then they may think that they have something wrong with them which they don't.

  2. Just finished watching it, such an amazing movie, it made me laugh, it created a nice connection between the boys and ended on a perfect note, I'm only sad cause we wont get to see them again.
    (P.s I have a link for the movie if someone can't find it)

  3. Y'all vitches talking about the fact that they're cousins and acts so gross about it. But for me im just screaming while watching them kissed each other. They're so cute!!!

  4. okay im glad to know others thought this was weird to. why would someone even like… think of this???

    boss: okay we need a love story. what do we got?

    Mark: "okay so what if its a gay love story?"

    boss: nice mark very progressive!"

    martha: and what if the parents dont approve?"

    boss: "h cool a little romeo and juliet!"

    Lucy: "and what if they were cousins?:

    boss: "cool yeah sounds goo- wait did you say cousins?"

    lucy: "yes"



    everyone else in board meeting: (o_0) (o_o)

    boss:" lucy i want you to be prmoted."

  5. at first Aunt Lourdes said "My Godson's life" so basically aunt Lourdes is Lucas Godmother sponsor in Christening of Lucas. So Lucas and Mario doesn't blood related.I really wish

  6. Oh my gosh best movie everrrrrrrrrrrr. The chemistry between these two character is sooo intense I'm crying.
    And it's not incest lmao, they are not that kind of close cousins. So worth it to watch the movie.

  7. This a add popped up so I came to see if other people found it disturbing and there is really people in the comments sayings it was a really good movie. THIS IS INCEST ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. What a beautiful beautiful beautiful story. I absolutely love it!!! Very much worth the deckko subscription they made me get in order to watch it. It will def make you smile 🙂

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