I talk about growing up gay, my coming out experiences and what I’d say to anyone going through it too!
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  1. ahh thank you so so much for sharing your story phil, as someone who is going through a similar experience with liking girls (all my friends are far more ahead in terms of "mile stones" at 19) it means a lot to see that i'm not the only one and there's no need to rush :')

  2. I'm reeling from this. Just the other day I started searching up who this "Dan and Phil" all the emos were talking about were, but I already identified Phil as the one with black hair. This is a REVELATION.

  3. can we take a moment to appreciate phil? because phil deserves all the love we have. there are few people with a genuine heart of gold, but he has one. i’m a fairly recent dan and phil fan, but i’m here to stay. keep being beautiful, guys <3

  4. My coming out experience was literally me walking into my living room with my parents and sister saying, "I'm bi. Yeah." My sister continued to drink her water and my parents flipped the page of the book they were reading together. Basically no one cared I was bisexual. The only thing it affected was the pronouns they used when talking about my potential love interests. I'm way luckier than most.

  5. i understand that he waited until coming out because back when he started youtube it wasn’t really accepted or appreciated but now it is

  6. خوشحالم که اینو پذیرفتی اما حقوق lgbtتو ایران اینقدر خوب نیست امیدوارم که شرایت برای ایرانم خوب بشه

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