I tell the story of how I came out of the closet 8 years ago and some reflections and advice for young LGBT kids!

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  1. I think the Victoria's Secret joke is supposed to be based on: The store will be full of women so if you don't want to come in you are gay.

  2. I'm closeted and terrified… A rumor went around that I was gay and people had made fun of me and all I could say was that, "I'm not gay". Ever since people have been saying to me that, "I look gay", laughing at me, and I've lost a best friend of 3 years… but I'm positive one day I will come out and I'm gonna make sure to not lose that mindset. To other closeted people don't lose hope! <3

  3. Please people dont cry when you hear this
    My sad love gay strory:I was dating this guy like 2 months ago and we were in a good relationship then 2 weeks later he had to move to another country for family matters,I was sad
    then he comes back in a week then time passed and in valentines day ibouth a bag of kisses(hersheys) then I see him like nervous or something like that and then he said:We need to broke up,I drop the bag and run to the bathroom then i come out and he was waiting for me and he tell me:Its because…..I…..cheated me with a girl when I was away, then I ask that he said to me he was gay and he replies that he was bisexual then I left and never see him again.(crying right now)

  4. You should make a video about how you both met! Unless there was a video and i just missed it… But i would totally be excited for it anyway! Love you both!❤

  5. Thank you Patrick for sharing.

    I'm very happy you have complete and total support from your friends and family! It's awesome to hear the "painless" stories. It means there is more hope for the world. 🙂

    I can relate to you, with feeling like I can be more empathetic since I came out. For some reason, I associated being compassionate and kind with being "feminine." But it's just being human.

    As I said on Austin's video, it takes a lot of courage to come out in general, but to share the story on the internet is amazing!

    Thank you both for sharing your awesome stories! I freaking love your videos!!! <3

  6. Loved your video another strong man just putting these videos up gives confidence the world over thank you and Austin for sharing the most personal experience in your life’s and we love you for it ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Honestly what a queen , not gonna lie when i came out EVERY single popular girl made plans with me i was shook also their boyfriends were a lot nicer to me XD

  8. Hey Patrick loved your coming out I have been out for a long long time love both of you hugs for both someday hope to meet you guys and say hi if you ever do a meet up loved the video have a great day 🙂

  9. Erika, your ex-gf, is a great person! I hope that soooo many more people would be supportive to others instead of always taking them first. That you are still best friends proves, that it always pays back to be a supporter.

  10. I just recently found this channel, but omg Austin And Patrick you 2 are my new favourite Gay Icons <3 P.S I came out 8 years ago also, I kinda just went "f*ck it" and told the one person in school that I knew would spread it around, oh boy it spread like wild-fire, but I never got any hate for it! You guys deserve so much more subs; you 2 remind me of my guy best friend who is also gay. Everybody thinks we date, but we're just really good friends! keep it up <3

  11. Thank you Patrick for sharing your story… Seriously Austin and you are my gurus right now 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  12. I know I don't fall under the young LGBT category as not everyone is lucky, but advice: For one recently out trying to make gay friends, but finding the ultimate challenge of most already out have established close knit friend groups and breaking into those seem almost impossible due either to trust issues or they're not on the same, call it need level, as the new guy. Now if you don't want to answer I understand and it seems common that the community is looking after the older 50+ and younger under 24 while those in the middle are left to figure it out themselves.

  13. So if Gaga isn't my Queen but just a very good musical artist am I not gay or gay enough? :-/ Jumping is too much, what's the point of the shape you keep your legs in then, just for show? So during this relationship with Erica was there no physical, i.e. sexual, interaction? I think whether consciously or your not your strength came from the trust of your friendships and the knowledge of your family history call it the serendipity of your circumstances. I agree with most of what you say, but will add that waiting has a price and that coming out is equally about truly accepting ourselves as it is letting others know.

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