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“Old Hollywood” is synonymous with class, sophistication, and images of matinee idols chastely stealing kisses on the silver screen. In reality, though, all sorts of bonkers nonsense was going on behind the scenes. Here’s a look at some classic film stars who were actually really weird people…

Cary Grant loved LSD | 0:16
Orson Welles hated his nose | 1:26
Joan Crawford was an egomaniac | 2:00
Peter Sellers was afraid of purple | 2:42
Elizabeth Taylor’s spiteful engagements | 3:25
Katharine Hepburn hated nudity | 4:11
Clark Gable was obsessed with cleanliness | 4:46

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  1. Hepburn posed nude in some portrait in her early 20's.. I believe she swam nude in the lake near her home cuz of it being practical.. All stuff from one of her books. I don't think she cared..
    A great actress. Her movies are fun.

  2. Shaving your chest and armpits tends to make you sweat more, not less. The sweat evaporates off the hairs, which act as cooling coils, thereby making you sweat less.

  3. We need to round up all the soy boys. Take them out of their moms basement in hand cuffs if need be. Have them watch Clark Gable, John Wayne, Burt Reynolds etc. movies till they figure out what a man is.

  4. I'm pretty sure Peter freaking O'Toole have all these beat and this didn't even come close to describing the crap Betty Davis and Joan Crawford pulled on each other on the set of Whatever happened to baby Jane , those woman were total bitches to each other and if you have not heard the stories about it give it a look into

  5. This video shows how just by the way you say something, you can make it sound crazy. These things aren't really crazy, the media is just garbage.

  6. It's a fact – 1) Mark Callaway
    a.k.a WWE Superstar The Undertaker) had a phobia of cucumbers. 2) Clark Gable had bad breaths because he wore dentures.

  7. Clark gable may have been a clean freak, but he failed in one "area". A young starlet once intimated that she "went downtown" on clark, and his junk was just horrible smelling. Just a trivial item of interest. Take it as you will.

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