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FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. John McCain. HBO’s new documentary.

WRECKING BALL. Meet the Miley Cyrus of squirrels.

MICHAEL COHEN. Trump lawyer tweets up: “The problem today is if you don’t watch the news on television/cable and/or read the newspapers, you are uninformed. However, if you do watch the news on television/cable and/or read the newspapers, you are misinformed.

SCOTUS. High court deals blow to workers’ rights: “The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a blow to the rights of workers on Monday by allowing companies to require them to sign away their ability to bring class-action claims against management, agreements already in place for about 25 million employees. The justices, in a 5-4 ruling with the court’s conservatives in the majority, endorsed the legality of the growing practice by companies to compel workers to sign arbitration agreements waiving their right to bring class-action claims on various disputes, primarily over wages and hours.”

LGBTQ YOUTH AT RISK. Joe Biden and Kevin Washington pen editorial, announcing new initiative: “That’s why the Biden Foundation and YMCA of the USA are launching a new initiative to foster LGBTQ inclusion and equality. Working together, we will begin to change our culture to one of greater inclusion, empathy and understanding by enhancing the ability of YMCAs to serve LGBTQ youth and adults and fostering greater understanding in communities across the country.”

POT LAWS. De Blasio tells NYPD to stop arresting people for marijuana usage in public: “De Blasio, who has long opposed making recreational pot legal, now says he thinks legalization is inevitable and is creating an official task force to get ready for the day when that happens.”

OPENING STATEMENT. Trump’s favorite litigator, Judge Jeanine, calls Jeff Sessions the most dangerous man in America.

MICHAEL AYCOX. He’s the first openly gay candidate in a Mississippi congressional race: ‘Aycox said he doesn’t understand how anyone could look at HB 1523 and not see the potential ramifications it could have on LGBTQ Mississippians. He gets emotional when he talks about giving stump speeches and meeting constituents who feel they’ve been discriminated against because of their sexuality. “1583 literally shoved the community into the closet under penalty of law,” he said.’

INKED. Justin Theroux shows his back tattoo to Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness.

LONG BEACH. LGBTQ Pride parade draws thousands: ‘To pay homage to the rich history of the city’s prominent LGBTQ community, the annual Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade took the “gayborhood” by storm for the 35th year as thousands gathered for one of the largest pride festivals in the state. “We’re all celebrating peace and love,” said Brian Bernstein, a Los Angeles resident and promoter for 91.1 AMP Radio. “All of us out here want the same thing.”’

BOAT STRIKE. Humpback whale that washed ashore on Long Island likely struck by boat.

UNWARRANTED INTRUSION OF THE DAY. The TSA subjects a 96-year-old woman to this.

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand is first country to raise intersex flag outside parliament.

LIVE VIDEO OF THE DAY. Kilauea lava flow in Lower Puna, Hawaii:

OUTTAKE OF THE DAY. Royal Wedding.

NEW TUNE OF THE DAY. Christine and the Queens “Girlfriend”.

MONDAY MUSCLE. Ferran Afonso.

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