In this video I face off against a very strong Wrestler at a recent Extreme Grappling Open tournament.

The wrestler and I have competed against one another at a Brazilian Jiujitsu tournament 6 years previously. And he’s a super nice guy. And so there was a lot of mutual respect for one another.

Which is the way BJJ tournaments should be. Go after each other during the match and be respectful and cool after.

During the match I pulled Half Guard and worked my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu abilities to try and patiently wait for my opportunity to sweep the much larger opponent.

A lot of you have asked how to play against bigger stronger opponents. For me with my body type. Half Guard and Deep Half Guard variations are the best.

Since I can’t lock my guard around the person. I can lock my legs around their leg. Then find a way to work around them. If you’re body is similar to mine. Meaning average to short and stocky. I think Half Guard is worth a try in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu vs bigger people.

Once I swept and go on top of the big college wrestler. I took my time and played it safe. This was because I know at any point if I get too high. He can just chuck me off of him.

So while I was constantly hunting the submission. I was waiting for the right opportunity after he had tired down a little.

Hope you enjoy the Bjj match!

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  1. I like how you didn't try to wrestle the guy, but played a bottom to sweep game. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Someone please, what happened at the end? Why the big guy lost?
    N what's in the fight for head control?

  3. Congrats on the win but this guy never wrestled at the college level. It's painfully obvious. His technique is mid level high school at best.

  4. the most annoying thing ever is when your dead in the middle of sparring and theres some backseat motherfucker that keeps running his mouth. I CANT STAND THAT SHIT.

  5. The wrestler guys just dont know what to do in alot of situations because they have never been put in them before

  6. BJJ feels to me like the other half of wrestling. Wrestling has the control, but BJJ has the finishes and improves on that control. It's kind of like how training boxing will help your muay thai in terms of defense and with punching combinations. Martial arts really is an interesting hobby…

  7. im only a white belt but i am a champion wrestler… you showed perfect position over submission. great job.

  8. I know a lot of people are keyboard coaching, but one of the things I like to do is bug their neck. I'll at often cross choke by placing my forearm on the guy's neck (the name of this technique may vary). That makes them move an arm to relieve the pressure on their throat, and that makes it easier to manipulate the arms. It doesn't compromise your position at all too. Try it and see how you like it.

  9. Hey Chewy, I'm now 55 and I looking to strategies for dealing with bigger/stronger to deal with just about everyone. So, thanks for this, I've come back to it over and over. Very educational.

  10. Beardo, are you ready? Other beardo, are you ready? LET THE BEARDS GRAPPLE!!!!! Awesome video. Don't worry, I'm a fellow beardo. Beard power!

  11. Hi, i'm new in bjj and got an observation and question – hope you don't mind. I'll try to convey my thought in letters.
    You were trying to put an arm bar i think. He knew it and countered your attempt. What would you do differently in a retrospective? Is there an another move that you could apply using his defense-from-arm-bar position to your advantage?

    Kind of shift in tactics rather than going into strength vs strength competition?

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