A hot daddy-son duo arrives from Munich. Bruno del Bono, the daddy of the pair, is a lean, well-built, hairy bear of a stud, and Ben O’Hara, the younger of the two, is smooth and lithe with a dick of death.

They have a symbiotic relationship, the voiceover tells us: Bruno likes what Ben has (youth), while Ben likes what Bruno has (money). In other words, theirs is a story as old as dirt. Bruno and Ben get down to business in their room, with Ben doing a hot striptease for Bruno as Bruno fondles his dick through his pants. When Ben is completely naked, his uncut dick rises to full erection, and it is mouthwatering. Bruno del Bono grabs it and begins to suck, and he gets in a little foreskin action with his lips and teeth.

Bruno gets naked, and he is magnificent, with his buff, tan, hairy body and thick dick with low-hanging balls. Their sex is one of the highlights of this production, both for the physical contrast between the two equally hunky studs, and because they are both sexually voracious. Ben shoots his first load all over Bruno’s hairy pecs, and Bruno grabs Ben’s cock and mouths the head. Then, he quickly bends Ben over and fucks him, while Ben’s balls are still dripping with cum. The action continues on the bed, with Bruno fucking Ben missionary as Ben’s still-hard cock slaps against his flat stomach.

The end of the scene is explosive: Bruno del Bono continues to thrust hard into Ben, while at the same time he strokes Ben’s dick until the young stud shoots a huge load of cum all over his torso. Bruno then straddles Ben’s chest and jerks off, shooting his load all over Ben’s chest.

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