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Scottish comedian Larry Dean gives us an insight into the most ridiculous phrases used in Scotland to describe gay people.

Celebrating great stand up from LGBT+ people who have appeared on the Apollo stage. This episode features Fern Brady, Desiree Burch, Alan Carr, Larry Dean, Eddie Izzard, Joe Lycett and Zoe Lyons.

Live at the Apollo | Pride Part 1 | BBC

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  1. So-called humour by Homosexuals, lesbians, and sheep-worriers in an attempt to cosy-up to normals won't work. LGBT aka alphabet spaghetti brigade aren't funny. The BBC's politically correct agenda has vomited poor quality – it might please the mincing metrosexual Independent reader, but to everyone else it stinks.

  2. This is like beginner level Scottish accent. You want a real challenge you find some rural guy who's accent is so thick you could physically cut it with a knife

  3. If you want to be cryptic but don't want to learn another language, just use the Scottish accent. Nobody would know you're actually speaking English

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