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I am here to talk about the kingdom of God. Can achievers and as a Christian, can you be such and still enter the kingdom of God? I used to be a high achiever as an athlete I left everything in Australia, and when I came to Jesus I left everything there and went away with nothing but two bags to Asia where I have been ever since giving the word of God. And once I was a high achiever. I used to have the worry and concern that because I was a professing Christian that if I stood before Jesus with the works that I had achieved, was he going to be pleased with those works and going to count as fruit in the kingdom of God? Was I going to hear, Well done my faithful and good servant? You have been faithful over a little, you will be faithful over much. I used to lie to myself. You see I used to follow the false babylonian Christianity that we have in the Western nations where we live for ourselves and God somehow blesses us, and is pleased with our achievements. But when we’re serving ourselves how can we serve two masters? That’s what I want to ask you today: how can we serve mammon and our pursuits and achievement AND Jesus Christ at the same time? How can we serve both the Kingdom of God and our pursuits? Let me ask you that today because we know that Jesus said that, if you want to be my servant you have to put first the kingdom of God and deny yourself, and hate your life for his sake and follow him. So people say, Well Jesus said to the Roman soldier, repent and live godly in what you do, and they say well isn’t that the soldier like an actor, and a car mechanic and then also an athlete, who is a Christian? They just got to make sure they follow Jesus and what they do and not put it first. But I tell you that it is impossible to chase after the your glory and what you want to achieve in this life and also chase after the kingdom of God! It is Impossible. You see Paul was a tent maker but he wasn’t striving after that. He wasn’t trying to get big in the financial markets, and trying to gain these big goals and get himself a legacy. The apostles weren’t trying to be famous athlete building up a Palmares. That is the world my friend, and if you think that you can do that and follow Jesus, you’re highly mistaken because Jesus said that he who loves his life and this life, is not worthy of me. Go read it for yourself and see he also said that if anyone puts their hand to the plough of working in the kingdom of God and looks back to this life, he’s not worthy for the kingdom of God. And Jesus said you can’t serve me if you do not give away everything you own. I left my pursuit, I gave it all away and packed up my bags and headed out of the country into a new beginning with Jesus Christ, because I came to find him at that time and he said to me, “Abide in me.” And when I abode in the vine, he started to run my life and made a way for me to go and I found myself off to Asia where I am today. And you see my friend, following Jesus means you have to give up your way of life, no mater how talented you are and how wonderful you are in what you are doing, you have to give it all away for Jesus and then go to him and ask him to lead you. He might lead you to do whatever, I don’t know, but in whatever he leads you to do and tells you to do, you go do it. But if you’re going to try and chase after your own ways, striving after what you want to get out of this life, hardly think my friend that you’re going to stand before Jesus and hear, “Well done my faithful servant,” instead you will hear, “Depart from me you fruitless servant.” Read the rest below
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