Atlanta gay bar faces backlash over owner’s racist Facebook posts calling Obama a ‘n**ger’

The owner of a gay bar in one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States is under scrutiny after racist Facebook posts he made in recent years re-surfaced.

As New Now Next reported, the posts were made by Palmer Marsh, the owner of Atlanta’s Burkhart’s Pub, and began as recently as 2015.

“If the South had won, we would be a hell of a lot better off,” one post from August 2015, which was still live as of press time, read.



  1. Walter, I enjoy your videos and your insight!  I, like you, will NOT spend my money where I'm not wanted or disrespected!  But I wanted to address your statement about why we don't have our own business'(clubs..etc…).  You already explained this one in your Niggaville videos!!!!  Not to bring up your past, but the same niggas you were sitting next to in prison is why we can't have our own!  Most of those guys, victimized their OWN people! Open up a store and Niggas stealing out of it!  Open a club and Niggas have you paying dues and shooting up the place, so that their OWN will not feel safe.  Even when this is true, I still support my own people and those who have turned their lives around, like you,  because I know it is only 10% of us that make it bad for everyone else.  And I just REFUSE to make another community wealthy while they disrespect us! I think when Black people need construction work and places built they should pay Walter Lee Hampton II's company to do it.  When I go on vacations I go through reputable Black travel agents and countries. Black and GAY owned is even better for me.  Let's tear down NIGGAVILLE and built an oasis!!!  Also, thank you Walter for pointing out those two clubs on this video….I WOULDN'T step foot in neither one of those MOTHERFUCKAS!!!!!!  Real talk!!

  2. I never agree with EVERYTHING anyone says. However, I totally agree with EVERYTHING stated in this video. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will CONTINUE to avoid that place , Swinging Richards AND Blake's.

  3. Walter, I really like your talks. Have you ever considered mentoring kids? You are a real hero. Thanks for being YOU. Sincerely, Proud Mom of two.

  4. Thank you, Walter, for telling Black people to open their own business. I am so damn sick and tired of Black people begging "MASSA" to love and except them when they can do for self.

  5. Is this a surprise to anyone who has ever been to Burkharts? I would pay to see what the owner of Blake's says behind closed doors about black people.

  6. I 💘 u Walter…muah! The pic right behind ur head in the 📷 frame is a little crooked. Move it just a smidgen. Hugs!

  7. There is no difference with white lesbian bars as well.or lack of I cant remember the name but it was the one that bomb during the Olympics but the would pat you down and not white women ..I always said that since 1996 when I moved in Atl ..I been stopped going to gay white bars but black owed businesses need to make sure that it keep it business friendly professional and open in our own communities. That why I hate J Morrison situation with Houston. FIrst of all he open an office in Lenox rather than opening an office within black community where he pushed his courses but in same breathe he destroys black communities by contributing to gentrification. I know this last part is off topic but great video Walter

  8. Walter, I see you as my good buddy & I wanna talk real 100% when speaking to you. Many of theses white owned joints & bars are favored by Queer black men, because they want a hook up & acceptance from white & other non black men. / No matter how shitty they are treated-I have heard so many swoon & speak like a white gay man is a God, and perfect for marriage- and long term life partners. / But the truth is many non Black queer people, view Black st8 men & gay black men as a Fetish, and something to exploit- then discard ASAP./ When you drop this knowledge around most Queer Black men, they will attack you and quickly put you down & disown you. / White gay men are treasured, Black gay men are fucked & abandoned like pets by most brothers. / Walter you are a breath of fresh air, when it comes to truth about Black gay life in America.

  9. WALTER PREACH !!!!!!!!!!! I've been gay all my life and seen so much racism in the gay community. Been thrown out of white owned gay bars. They don't want us there. You can feel it when you go to some of these places. Like you I don't spend my hard earned money where I am not wanted. We seriously need more of our own !! WHY DO WE BEG WHITE PEOPLE FOR INCLUSION? BLACK PEOPLE STOP IT !!!!

  10. Omg I've been to that bar with my white gay friends ages ago!! They took me to that one and some place called Le Buzz….le buzz had more diversity
    You right about our people continuing to give racist companies our money but complain about them being racist. We do this globally which is so sad. But i'm like you, i support black own businesses where i live also as well as online.

  11. Let's be honest this man probably did not get rich from just white people. We never learn and us negros will run back to this place when this dies down and continue to dump money in this man's pockets. Me, you only get one chance and I'm out. . All these black folks in Atlanta and no appreciable number of black businesses? I know they are there because I've been to some and make an effort to do so whenever I visit Atlanta. If we had more black clubs and restaurants we wouldn't even need to patronize white establishments but we don't want to put in the work and the white man's ice is colder and food hotter. Us negros have Stockholm Syndrome in the sense that we give and give our money to muthafukas like this who mistreat us over and over. I'll bet it's not the first time that this bitch ass muthafuka said some bullshit like this.

  12. 10th and Piedmont is owned by Armenians. Middle Eastern. Gilbert and Shaun are awesome. O have never had a bad experience there. Circue and the Daiquiri Factory are Awesome.

  13. Some of us white people would boycott his place. It's important to not generalize or paint any race with a broad brush. I don't like it when white people do that to black people. Furthermore, racist Dominicans have been beating down black Haitians for generations. Think about that the next time you spend money in Punta Cana. Peace from a white brother. ✌🏻

  14. I agree blacks need to own their own businesses the Blacks in Atlanta must boycott the restaurant and support someone who wants to open up a Black owned restaurant /club.

  15. Thank you for this video!! My philosophy is exactly the same as yours. Why the fuck would I spend my hard earned money in an establishment or business where I'm not wanted and disrespected? Many black people don't get this. You are contributing towards the wealth of these assholes that exploit you!!

    I live in the middle of a major city. Fortunately, my favorite bar is only three blocks away. I love this place because of the way I'm treated by the staff and I'm more than happy to spend my money there. One night after work, I just wanted a quick drink, so I decided to go to a bar directly across the street from my building. This is an "Irish pub". The place was basically empty and I sat down. There were two white male bartenders. They were professional and courteous, but their eyes were literally full of hate as they interacted with me. I could feel the disdain oozing out of them. I left a 20 on the counter and walked out. I will NEVER set foot in that bar again under any circumstances.

    Moral of the story, don't spend your hard earned dough in places where your business is not wanted or appreciated. Black folks will do this just out of convenience. Me personally, I will go all out of my way to spend my money elsewhere. Self sufficiency and community business development is the solution to this common problem, just like Walter said.

  16. God bless you. 🌈💜💙💛💋💗. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. United we stand. Ray from Chicago south side Hyde park

  17. Love you Walter my friend!!! I used to go to Burkhart's, the Heretic, Backstreet, etc, back in the 90's, but once I realized that some of these white gays were just as racist as the straight country folks, I took heed. I have not been to a white owned/operated gay bar in MANY YEARS!! Not a single one. You said it right, open up your own bars and restaurants and SUPPORT THEM. This owner doesn't give two pennies about insulting blacks. Stop giving these folks your money when they don't like you. We could sh*t a golden egg every hour, clean it and present it to a white person. They would take the egg and smile in our faces. The minute we couldn't lay another egg they would act as if they've never seen us. And even while we are giving them golden eggs they would secretly say, "is there a way to get two golden eggs an hour out of them n*ggers?"

  18. I once had a white gay boss that was accused of racist behavior and he said to me, “But I’m gay, how can I be racist?” It took everything in me to keep from laughing in his face.

  19. A blue eye will always be a blue eye smh. I love how ppl think gay white men aren't racist because they're gay…gay white men run the black gay porn industry…please make a video about that Walter. And a lot of these black men date these racist white males…thats a good video idea too😂😂😂

  20. When a bar charge sadmission- thats the clue. They only charge when a lot of black people start coming.

  21. Illuminati devil 666 sign at the end. That is NOT a zero sign !!!! Other than that I agree with the comments

  22. I used to go to Burkhart’s periodically to see drag shows by some very talented artists. They were awesome. I never really got any shade. But now, I’m never going back. Smh!

  23. I always assume white people think like this unless I personally know different. This is why I'm never surprised or hurt by this kind of stuff. Lol! I also definitely support black businesses when they have their act together. I typically eat at HOME.

  24. Well said Walter all of us as black people know how it feels to be welcomed in an establishment were we are treated fairly. We also have a uncomfortable feeling when we are being discriminated against you can just feel it and see it in these racists faces.We need our own shit plain and simple they will never change but we can by not spending money with them.

  25. I don’t see how this could be possible since blacks tip so well and never ever ask for a refund after they clean their plate!

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